Doctor’s Visit

I went to see the doctor today and I didn’t wear any makeup. I seldom do when I’m sick and going to the doctor. I read somewhere that they need to see your true color. I also don’t feel like putting on makeup when I’m sick.

I don’t wear much makeup anyway. I see other women with eye shadow and wonder how I’d look if I used it? I consider trying it. Then I worry that I’d like it, and then I’d have THAT to do every day.

Actually, unless I go out, I don’t wear any makeup. The dog doesn’t mind when I walk her if my lipstick is on. I do use lotion on my face daily. I know I say I’m proud of every wrinkle and I am, but there’s no need in seeing how deep they can get. I find if I put lotion on my face morning and night – different lotions, different times of day – my wrinkles are still there, but not as deep as they may get.

I use expensive lotions on my face. Well, expensive for me. I’m a low maintenance kind of woman. I have my hair cut in layers so I can wash, scrunch and go . . . I have some natural curl and while I hated the curl when younger, now I embrace it.

I buy cheap lipsticks and mascara. What else? Foundation and compact powder and I’m done.

Too much in life to spend a lot of time getting ready for it.

The doctor didn’t seem to care that I wasn’t wearing makeup. She seemed to think I was sick. She gave me some medicine for it, and I think I am beginning to feel better.


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