Russian Roulette With Food Quality

Lately I’ve noticed the quality of food in restaurants varies depending on what day I visit. At first I blamed the economy and perhaps the changing of ingredients. Then I’d return a few days later, and the food would taste as it had before.

Sometimes I can figure out what the problem is. Like yesterday, I went to Bojangles and got chicken strips for myself and a chicken dinner for my son. The strips were very hard on the outside – so hard that I found myself peeling off the coating and eating just the meat inside. When I mentioned it to my son, he said he’d had the same problem. He was unable to eat the outside coating on his chicken.

These incidents affect when and if I return. I don’t know if Bojangles had kept the chicken under a light too long or what. It was 12:05, which I would assume was a prime time for lunch purchase. Food should be moving fast, I would think.

The fries were “off” as well. Some were too hard to eat. I ate about half the biscuit as that didn’t taste good either.

I don’t know what the problem is in some places that sell food. I usually go and try different items until I find that one special dish that is really delicious to me. Then I return and order that one dish most times. I can tell when it tastes differently.

I used to return anyway and try again to see if things had changed. Now I find myself not wanting to go back for a long while. This morning I awoke and thought how good a country ham biscuit from Bojangles would be for breakfast. Then I remembered how bad their chicken had tasted yesterday. I thought about other places I could drive through for breakfast. All of them, except McDonalds, vary on the quality of their food daily. At McDonalds, I recently spent ten minutes in line while some woman in a big, fancy car argued about the cost of her breakfast biscuit with the cashier at the drive thru window. This wasn’t McDonald’s fault, but it did leave a bad taste in my mouth.

The Russian Roulette that’s played with food when I go out is why this morning there is bacon sizzling in the pan in my kitchen. I know what my cooking tastes like. I buy the same products. Until one of the products changes its ingredients, I can predict what my food will taste like. With Russian Roulette with food quality in today’s restaurants, I can’t, and they will continue to lose my business.


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