Another Bullet in the Gun (Roulette Food Quality Blog Reference)

Oh, Bojangles . . . this morning, against my better judgment, I drove to your place for that country ham biscuit I’ve been craving. I decided to time the trip so I’d know how long it took. I assumed 5 to 10 minutes. It was over 20.

I told you with my first coffee order how many creams and sugars total I would need. I ordered two coffees and repeated the amounts when you asked again with the second order I placed – “how many creams and sugars?”.

I spent over 20 minutes waiting for breakfast. When I got home, there was NO cream and NO sugar in any of the three bags. The hash rounds were lukewarm.

Oh, Bojangles. Did you know I can go to the grocery store, which is closer than you are, and buy country ham? Did you know they also sell biscuits? Did you know I can cook those myself in the 20 minutes I spent in the car buying the same products for at least twice the cost from you?

Did you know fall is here and a little warmth from the oven in the morning will soon be a welcome thing?

Your chicken was bad day before yesterday. The coating was so hard and dry that neither my son nor I could eat it. It used to be our favorite part of your former delicious chicken.

I have cream and sugar here. It’s just easier to have it in the bag. I searched all three bags, which caused the already lukewarm hash rounds (I can heat those in the oven too after I buy them from the grocery store), but the search for the non-existent cream and sugar made the hash rounds even less warm.

So, good-bye, farewell, and perhaps next summer when I don’t want to heat the kitchen by using the oven, I’ll try you again. Three strikes and you’re out . . . You’ve got two strikes already in three days’ time.

I don’t have a lot of money. I must spend it as wisely as possible. Paying for two disappointments in three days . . . not wise.

I noticed as I was driving out of your lot that the line was more than doubled in length than it was when I first got there. I’m sure my decision to go elsewhere won’t affect your profit margin at all. But who knows? Maybe some of those people will be as disgruntled and disappointed as I am.

Such a sad day . . . for I did love you. What’s that saying? “Fool me once, shame on you . . . Fool me twice, shame on me.”  I knew better when I ate the chicken. I just hoped it was a fluke.


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