I write with anger this morning because of a cartoon – and that’s what it was, although the person posting it didn’t recognize it as such – but a cartoon posted on someone’s facebook page is ludricrous and the person who posted it should know you don’t believe everything you see or hear.

My generation, which is the Baby Boomers, worked hard and tried hard. We sat up watching birth dates drawn from a glass jar to see which males would be drafted next year. When those young men got their greetings from Uncle Sam, they rode the bus, or however they could get there, but they went up to the state capital for a military physical. When ordered into the military, they went and served their countries. Some gave their lives. But that generation is the one who had it so easy?

How about the Participation Trophy Generation who expects rewards just for showing up. How about those “Put Children First” slogans of their childhoods. I couldn’t wait to grow up because the adults had the power and got what they want. Then, lo and behold, the times shifted and once I was an adult, the children were put in charge and pampered and catered to. We have raised a generation of spoiled rotten brats.

I’ve defended them and even tried to help them, but when I saw this “cartoon” today, I would have laughed, if I’d thought the person posting it hadn’t been serious.

We Baby Boomers have always had it easy, according to this drivel. Me, who ate only twice a day while working my way through college had it easier than someone who borrowed money and never worked a day of his college life? I worked 15 hours a week on my work study job, went to class at least 14 hours a week and did without many things I would have loved to have. But according to this bull, my generation had it so easy. We owned houses at age 22 (who? when? where?).

Here, let me show you what I saw a rocket scientist post on facebook today:

conrads cartoon


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