Point of View

When you have wrinkles and have decided to embrace them, you also can look back on your life and consider the different points of view from each age bracket.

Childhood was living in the moment – something dogs also do and perhaps a reason why dogs are such popular pets. They force us to notice the immediate and care less about the future.

Teen-age Years – a time when the future was very much focused on. A time for imagining what lies ahead. A time for rebellion against those who would treat us as children, when in fact, we were very much still young and foolish and in need of guidance. From our point of view, we were grown!

Twenties – Early adulthood is a time for mistakes. Alas, many of those mistakes follow us to the grave and we wonder what we were thinking and why we thought that as we look back on our early adulthood. It is a time for some to begin reproducing. Once you have children, your life and your viewpoint changes drastically.

Thirties – If you haven’t reproduced yet, it occurs to you that time may be running out. You become more aware of the passing of time and how many more years before you become “old”.

Forties – Lordy, Lordy, Look who’s forty . . . Can it possibly be YOU? Where did the time go? What happened to the dreams of your youth?

Fifties – You are still able to do most things you could do before. Your body does begin to surprise you with sudden changes and inability to do what it once could. You are now looking backwards because to look forward is too scary. You still have some years left for accomplishments. You’re half of a hundred, but some people do live to be one hundred, don’t they?

Sixties – If you don’t have grandbabies yet, you may want them. Time is ticking again and you wonder how well you’ll feel by the time you have grandchildren. Will you be well enough to enjoy them? For many, turning sixty begins the evident signs of aging. Ailments pop up that you never thought about. Pills and prescriptions, doctor visits, may become a part of your life. You eye retirement with interest and wonder when and where you’ll retire.

Seventies – Not there yet, but I do wonder if the afternoon nap will be a staple of life? I wonder what other ailments and pills will become part of every day. I wonder if grandchildren will have arrived yet.

I also wonder if others have experienced the same sort of things in various decades of their lives as I have? It’s all from that timeline’s point of view. While I gladly got up every two hours with newborns when I was younger, I would need a lot of help doing that now. While a nap when I was young might have included a napping “partner”, now I just want to lie down, read for a bit, and drift off for a couple hours.

I believe as we age, we become more accepting of who we really are. We are braver when it comes to admitting what we truly think. That may be why older adults are seen as outspoken and stubborn at times. We have little wiggle room. We know what we know and have embraced so many new ideas in our lifetimes that we know half of the new ideas that come along don’t pan out. We stick with the known. The younger folks can try out the new unknown. Let us know how it works out.

Point of View. The world is different from each section of life. Does the world change, or do we?


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