Religious Fanatics

I just noticed another pair of religious people knocking on doors and ringing doorbells in my neighborhood. Really? A group just came through here last Saturday. More today?

I resent strangers knocking on my door and disturbing my peace on a Saturday morning. Suppose I’m Jewish? They are interfering with my trying to “keep the Sabbath”.

They always act superior to whomever answers the door. They presume that they have ALL the answers and they are preaching to ignorant sheep.

Why is this distressing, besides the obvious? I’ve had a terrible backache all morning. I’ve taken everything I can take for it and still it pains me terribly. Now there’s two busybodies headed this way who think I want to talk to them . . . actually, they want me to listen to them. Them and their special knowledge of whatever they believe in. Guess what. There is a church a quarter of a mile from my house. If I’m desperate to be preached to, I’ll go down there. There’s another church about a mile from here that I have attended. I can go there tomorrow, if I CHOOSE to.

I wonder if they have “disturb everyone” permits? I would ask to see it, IF I had any interest in answering the door, which with this bad back, I don’t.

Yesterday while trying to leave Food Lion, a man blocked my car in with his truck and tried to engage my son, who was putting our groceries into the back of my car, in conversation. Someone suggested the man was wanting to steal my groceries. All I know is I felt threatened. If I want to talk to someone, I’ll let them know. Otherwise, stay home, or wherever else you would be if you weren’t parading yourself around my neighborhood every Saturday trying to preach to me. Last Saturday one of them tried to approach me while my dog barked her head off. He wanted to hand me some papers to read. I guess he didn’t want his hand very badly, as he would have reached across my dog to give them to me. I convinced him that he needed to just keep walking.

I don’t talk to strangers and I don’t want them talking to me. My grandmother used to trick them. She’d invite them in and then she wouldn’t let them leave. The whole neighborhood loved her for occupying the religious invaders every time they showed up.

Don’t assume I want to discuss my religion or internet service or anything else with you, if you’re a door to door disturber. I don’t. It’s the Sabbath. Observe it.


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