We all must make our own mistakes. As the mother of adult children, I have finally understood this.

I talked to my sons probably more than they wanted. I tried to point out the errors of some of their ways. Often it fell on deaf ears.

I asked myself why they wouldn’t use the wisdom I’d gotten from making some of the same mistakes I watched them now making. It finally occurred to me that the way I learned was by making the mistake. I truly believe you learn more from your failures than you do from your successes.

So now I accept what they do, or try to do, and pop popcorn to eat while watching the train wreck I’m sure is ahead. Sometimes they fool me and it works out well. Other times the very thing I warned about happens and I can just take solace in knowing they now have learned the lesson I tried to share with them that I had learned by making the same mistake myself.

Maybe I’ve learned from the mistake of trying to share my wisdom with those who prefer to learn for themselves? Leave them alone and trust that by the time they are my age, they’ll be as wise as I am.



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