Retirement, I am Getting to Know You

The first days (months?) of retirement are difficult. Or they were for me.

I had planned to cut back to part time work, but my body had other ideas. I had to quit work for health reasons in late April.

For weeks I would imagine what I’d be doing if I were at work. I was annoyed that I wasn’t getting up and going in as I’ve done for years.

Then summer came and all my colleagues were not working either because of the summer break. I relaxed.

When they had to go back to work a couple weeks early because the school is “being reformed”, I was glad I wasn’t working.

I began to establish a schedule.

I saw doctors and filled out forms. I spent my time trying to figure out finances.

I watched one son move out and another son move in.

My cat, who went into heart failure in the spring began to “do better”. We lowered some of her meds and currently are trying to lower how much she gets daily even more

I saw my old black dog, who would begin to mourn my leaving each morning as I got ready for work begin to enjoy her more frequent walks. She too had gotten sick and she began to do better. Additional medicine has been prescribed for her and she’s enjoying her life more.

I lie down when I’m tired. I don’t have to call in sick when I wake up feeling bad some days. I eat when I’m hungry and my time is mostly my own.

I’ve been not working now for five months. I’m getting accustomed to it. My grocery shopping day has changed. I no longer join the week-end crowds at the grocery store, but go instead during the week.

Some days are good and some days are bad, but they were that way as well when I worked.

I’m exploring old and new interests. I am making new friends. I’m beginning to enjoy my retirement.



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