Making a List and They’re All Bad

KFC and Taco Bell are partners in one building in a small restaurant in my town. I’ve given up on Taco Bell and that means KFC doesn’t get my business any more either because the same employees work both sections.

I saw the following link (at the bottom) posted about KFC and have been trying to figure out why fast food places are so terrible to go to lately. I came up with this explanation: I think the $15 an hour demand is making customers expect more because obviously that’s what the service is worth and it’s making the employees give less, because they’re disgruntled, so they all are going to lose.

These fast food places with all their clamoring employees will be closed down within the next couple years. Then they’ll wish they could find any job at all.

I am making of list of places I’ll no longer go to and Taco Bell had already dragged KFC onto that list. I notice the quality of the food I buy and I notice the care the employees take when they take my order and fix my tray. McDonalds always gets the order right here. The employees are friendly, accurate and fast. The food is always good.

Most other places are making their way onto my list. I notice on facebook others complaining as well and vowing to “never go back” after a terrible experience.

We can cook for ourselves and usually the food is as good or better than fast food. We don’t need the fast food places – at least not the ones making my “avoid at all costs” list.

Disgusted Diner Shows What KFC’s Ricebox Meal Actually Looks Like


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