We older people shouldn’t make being older look so bad. Things we say and do scare the hell out of younger folks, and then they cling so desperately to their youth.

Our minds are still sharp, and I bet some of us have no more aches and pains than we did when we were younger. I can remember complaining of pain when I was young and being told I was too young to really be hurting that bad. What kind of comment is that? Are we only allowed to be in pain when we are old?

I can remember stressing out and worrying and trying to be sure . . . and now I’ve learned to relax. It all works out. “No Worries” applies more to the older than the younger ones.

I heard an actress say on a TV episode of Code Black that “Being old is like swirling around in a toilet bowl”. No, it isn’t. Being old is waking up when you wake up and not being jarred awake daily by an alarm clock. Being old means lying down to rest when you are tired. Being old means more time for yourself, unless you get talked into free babysitting while your offspring work. Being old means I’ve had my first wrinkle and I survived. Being old means being able to say “No” with no real reason, except I don’t feel like doing something today. Being old is probably the most freedom you’ll ever have once you leave your childhood. There’s a reason it’s been referred to as a “second childhood”. I see in researching this term that the term refers to ” senile dementia“. There is nothing wrong with my mind. I just have the freedom of a child now. I eat when I want to and I sleep when I want to. It may be better than being a child because I do have control of my life and my time.

I’m not “swirling around in a toilet bowl” and don’t feel that way. I am enjoying every day more than I ever have. I have less stress than ever, and I find that my money lasts longer than it did when I was working. I don’t fill the car up with gas as often. I only eat out, if I don’t feel like cooking. I don’t have to dress up every day. I don’t have to rush.

Being old may be the best thing that has ever happened to me. Do not fear aging. It’s nothing to fear.


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