Living In The Past

I realized this morning, as I stood cooking breakfast, that I was starting to tend to live in the past. Memories drifted through my mind and they can sometimes seem as real as the present to me. I have to do something to change this.

I don’t want to be one of those older people who only talk about what was. I want to join the throngs of those who experience life now, every day.

I need to get out and do things. It’s easy to sit in this house daily, especially on days like yesterday when my illness reared its ugly head and made every movement painful.

I got an invitation from MENSA to go to their annual gathering next summer in San Diego. I’ll be living on a “fixed income” by then, so can I afford it? I’m certainly going to try.

A “fixed income” term has always intrigued me, for aren’t we all on some kind of “fixed income”? Surely the fast food workers who have recently demanded a 100% wage feel like they are on a “fixed income”. When I worked, I knew my salary and it was “fixed”, or stable.

I’m going to look into finding things to do in the now that I can talk about with my family and friends. I don’t want to become stagnant or boring, if I’m not already.


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