I have neuropathy, and I don’t like it one bit. It has caused me to have to stop doing a job I truly loved, and it affects every day of my life.

Yesterday I read an article about Neuropathy. It said it wasn’t IF you were going to hurt each day, but HOW MUCH the pain would be. It does vary from day to day.

This past week was a particularly rough week pain-wise. I had to cancel plans with an old friend. I had trouble signing a check. I stabbed my hand with a knife when I was washing dishes – not on purpose, my hand just refused to cooperate.

Tonight I have finally started to feel better. I wonder if the weather, when a big change is coming, is one of the things that affects the pain? It was nice all week, but a cold front was headed this way. Now that it’s here, it seems the pain is lessening.

I’ve decided, while I expect to have a good day tomorrow, I will rearrange my bedroom furniture. My youngest son, who has come home from China to spend some time with me, says when I feel good, I do too much. Well, I plan for him to move all this furniture around tomorrow. I haven’t told him yet. I’m assuming since he doesn’t want me to do too much that he will be happy to do it for me. I certainly hope so. Lying down seems to help me cope with the pain some days. I just want a different view. I’ve planned the rearrangement this week while I could do nothing much, except plan.

I hope I feel good most of the upcoming week.


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