Ads for Ways to Look Younger

I constantly see ads for products to make a person look younger, but I don’t see any to make people happy with looking their age.

I don’t understand the shame in aging that seems so prevalent in America.

I am proud of my age. I have a birthday in a few weeks and I will be happy to turn that age as well.

When did wisdom and experience fall by the wayside, and youth and everything that includes become so sought after?

There is a certain peace that comes with age. I certainly don’t intend to lose it by chasing after a vision of what those younger than I am think I should want. I want this. I want now.

People younger than I am get up and go to work. I don’t. They wonder about their future, their possible children, their education, their life.  I don’t. They have no idea how they’d truly act in a crisis. I do. They still strive to own things that impress. I don’t.

I am what you see, and I refuse to try to be anything else. How tiring that must be!


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