Again, Again, Again, Again . . . ad Nauseum

I spent the whole morning trying to be sure things were done right. All morning long.

I think I got the health insurance set up. We’ll know soon enough.

I got the woman who needed the form to find it and say she found it. Next month it will go certified mail and I may also fax it to her assistant.

I sit here unemployed and doing everyone else’s job. It’s funny when folks ask me am I enjoying my time at home. Hell No! I could be, if people who aren’t at home would do what I’d do if I had their jobs.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. ha, ha, ha . . .

At least my oldest son, whom I copied on every email I sent to every person I had to email this morning . . . he called to say it looked like I finally got it straightened out, did I? Life was easier when he was here to handle these problems for me. There’s something about a male voice that seems to make people pay more attention. People wonder what I can do about them not helping . . . well, remember that mosquito last summer that buzzed, buzzed, buzzed around, but you just couldn’t quite manage to hit him . . . he annoyed you for hours? Yeah. I can do that.


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