If anyone understands the Medicare Drug Plans or Plan F, would you please leave comments explaining it to me?

When I try to sign up for Medicare Part D, most of the policies don’t cover a medicine I take every day. Without insurance, that medicine costs $7,200 per month. My son said even if I got in a Medicare Part D plan that pays for this medicine, I’d reach the “gap” fairly quickly. What is the “gap”? It sounds like a bad place to be when it relates to Medicare.

Someone was going to sell me a Medicare Part G plan, but when I met with him the first time, his computer wasn’t working. I think he said the medical plan wouldn’t cover my medicine that now costs $7,200 per month. (Go ahead . . . ask me if I’m taking it.) If it doesn’t cover my main medicine, why should I pay $100 for his plan every month?

I’m a fairly intelligent person, but Medicare is one of the most confusing programs I’ve tried to understand.

If the insurance I had at my old job could cover this medicine, why can’t Medicare? What good are the Medicare Drug Programs, if they don’t cover your meds? I did figure out that I’d need to put the meds I take into something called a “formulary” to see if the plan I was considering covered the meds I take. After being told NO so many times and hearing about the “gap” for the two plans I did find, I decided to see what would happen if I didn’t take the meds. So far I’m still breathing.

Maybe I can go ahead and get myself well? That’s the only answer I can think of. If anyone – and I’m serious – understands Medicare and the different programs and would like to leave explanations in the comments, or even be a guest blogger, please let me know, or just go ahead and leave the comments.

Thank you.


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