Health Perils With Every Wrinkle

I still am enjoying this “age” of my life, but I am discovering things I’d never known before. I guess with every new stage of life we are met with new situations and conditions we didn’t know about before.

The Nightmare of Medicare is one of my most recent discoveries. I’d heard with Social Security comes Medicare and it’s a health insurance for older adults and with it, you don’t need your own insurance. So . . . when offered the chance to keep my old health insurance, or switch to Medicare, I looked at the price difference – $95 a month for Part G, which includes Part D, which is the prescription part, plus $104 for Medicare Part B, which pays hospitals and doctors OR $462 per month to keep what I had. What a “no-brainer”, I thought.

Well, I met with the Medicare salesman and for some reason his laptop didn’t work that day . . . he said he was selling me what he himself used and no, it would not cover inhalers and might not cover my diabetes meds, but it would cover everything else. Ok. I’d pay full price for my diabetes meds and my inhaler.

It turns out that those are the most two expensive drugs I take. The inhaler costs $248 (I get 2 different kinds monthly) and the diabetes meds I’d been taking cost $7,200 per month.

I began investigating on my own and found out all the private health insurance companies have something called a “forumulary” for drugs. It’s a list of drugs their Part D will pay for. My diabetes meds were only on one of them and it still cost $5000 per month and I had a $4,700 deductible to pay out of pocket and I’d end up in a gap where Medicare would pay nothing until I met some other financial requirement. The whole mess had me calling my old insurance company to see if I could sign back up for that health insurance that costs $462 per month.

The company said I could sign back up for it to start in January. I had to sign up by Nov. 18, which was about a week away. IF they won’t cover “pre-existing conditions”, which my diabetes now would be . . . I’ll have to pay $462 times 3 to keep it reinstated for October, November and December. We’ll see how it works out, they said.

It still beats $7,200 per month.

I’ve talked to my doctor to see if she can get some samples of these pills. She says she can’t. She did ask if I’d like to switch to insulin shots because they’re cheaper. NO!

So all this catastrophe has caused me to be pro-active in my search for natural treatments for Type 2 Diabetes.

I’d already run some of this by my doctor who appeared amused at my ideas. One of them was that – I have Neuropathy caused by the Diabetes – that is nerve damage that may get worse – but one of the suggestions was that people with Neuropathy don’t have enough Vitamin B12. We can even take supplements, but if it isn’t the Sublingual type, our bodies have trouble absorbing Vitamin B12 because of the medicine we take for Diabetes.

I ordered that and it seems to have helped. The nerve pain isn’t as severe and I actually feel better.

I also read that taking a tablespoon of vinegar in an 8 oz glass of water nightly would bring down blood sugar. Mine seems to run 20 points lower each morning since I started doing that. I use the brown vinegar. Seems like the article said that worked better.

The Sublingual Vitamin B12 melts in your mouth and that way it can be better absorbed by the body. It tastes sweet to me, so I like the taste of it. I also have added Vitamin D pills daily.

As I navigate this mess I’ve made with my prescription drugs and try to ration out what I do have left in the bottle until January, I will keep researching to try to find other cheaper “tricks” to help lower my blood sugar without so many diabetes pills per day.

I am not a doctor. I’m not even a nurse. I am an educator. Like I’ve told my students, if you learn to read and understand what you’re reading, you can teach yourself anything you want to know. So that’s where I am right now – self-educating for what to do about high blood sugar besides just taking diabetes meds – it’s a necessity for me, which is a good motivator.

I’ll share what else I find in later blogs, but please remember, these are just what I am reading and trying. I am not a medical advisor. I’m just experimenting and writing down what happens to me. It might help someone else. It might not. It is helping me.

and Happy Thanksgiving! My doctor told me yesterday to WATCH WHAT I EAT over the holidays. I’ve been counting carbs and moving/walking as much as possible because movement also helps lower blood sugar . . .

I need to get back in the kitchen. I have company coming this afternoon.





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