Social Security Office

If you want to hide from the world, you should get employed by the Social Security office in my county. They never answer their phones. They don’t reply to voice mail. They ignore letters they get in the mail.

I can only imagine how these employees spend their time. I picture them doing manicures and pedicures for each other during the work day. Sometimes I expect they go in the break room and have some cake and coffee they made since they came into the office for the day.

One of them asked me Tuesday – the one and only time I reached her – if I was able to come into the office. No. I’m sick. I can’t drive that far. I think she took this as permission to continue to ignore me and spend her leisure time at work filing her nails while I wonder why it’s taken so long to get any help from that office. She promised a phone call on Wednesday – two days ago; she promised to mail a form and a letter. Neither has come.

I contacted a lawyer who says without a letter from them, even a lawyer can’t help me because we don’t know what we’re fighting.

Would a subpoena help? I failed to ask him. How about we subpoena my records? Could she be compelled to provide that information?

It took Social Security no time at all to deduct part of my very first paycheck. They have faithfully taken (stolen) money from me for forty years. Now that it’s time to collect, they have absconded with my money and are unreachable.

I will not go into the time I spent trying to get them to stop my payments in 2012 after I found full time employment. They told me on the phone not to worry about it; I would not be over-paid. Then they proceeded to overpay me.

They have held all of this year’s checks (plus the hundreds of dollars I mailed in every month – and it takes them two months to process a payment, I found out) . . . but they seem to have no intention to award me the disability pay I should be getting or to even let me know in writing that I was approved. Someone in another office said I was approved two months ago, but this local, unreachable office will not confirm that in a letter.

I decided to ask my state representative who has tried to help. He referred me to my state Senator who says he’ll help.

If I thought God Almighty would call up the woman who will not stop doing her nails long enough to make any phone calls or write any letters and put, well, the fear of God into her, I’d give him her phone number. (He probably has it.)

I’ve never seen anything like this lack of caring, lack of compassion, or lack of work ethic in my life like I’ve encountered in my local Social Security office.


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