Wrinkles are only Skin Deep

Why is it that when I see an older man on TV, his wrinkles are attractive? Yet they keep most women on TV or in the movies wrinkle free. These men have wrinkles deeper than mine ever dare to be, but no one seems to think they look bad.

I was considering dying my hair blonde again. My youngest son said it would probably make my wrinkles more noticeable. Huh?

I just put my Christmas photo from 3 years ago as my profile picture on facebook. For some reason wrinkles don’t show up in most of my photos and I’m not sure I can compare then with now.

The hairdresser said NOT to color my hair as she worked on my graying locks yesterday. I didn’t ask her why not. She indicated the gray looked good . . .

I’m going to post my picture as a blonde here. This one is from Christmas 2012.

Christmas 2012


2 thoughts on “Wrinkles are only Skin Deep

  1. This blonde is lovely. Some grey hair looks good too. I’m naturally mid blonde but with early silver hair at the front, so I continue to colour. Two years ago I was completely purple 😉 ; at 42 now, I’m platinum. If you like, if you want another opinion, you could post your current photo. I’ll be happy to comment. 🙂

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