Social Security

Social Security is the most messed up agency I’ve ever dealt with. They love to have you come to their office and wait hours to be seen. They love to have you try to reach them by telephone. They are not reachable and if you leave a voice mail, they will not respond to it.

I’ve been dealing with Social Security since December 2011. In January 2012 I called to tell them I had found a job and did not want to be overpaid. They assured me that I would not be overpaid. The next two times I called, because I was continuing to get payments, they continued to assure me not to worry –  I would not be overpaid.

Well, I was overpaid and the lawyer I saw said because it was handled on the phone and I had no proving paperwork, I’d just have to pay it back. So I’ve been paying it back and twice they have increased the amount of what I owe. I just got a letter stating the amount had gone up $698 and they need it immediately, even after I sent an agreement to pay $300 a month -actually I signed and returned an agreement to that fact that they sent me.

If you manage – with the help of your state senator – to get them on the telephone – they will whine that it’s not their fault. There are various social security offices around the country and different correspondence comes from different locations to your mailbox and if anything contradicts anything else, that’s just the way it is.

I know of no other business that can be consistently incompetent and confused and still stay in business like the Social Security Administration can do. I think they should go to an Office supply store and have a banner printed to hang over all their offices. It should read:

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here



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