Joys of Life

I wonder if younger people view senior citizens as I once did. They could no longer do the things I did that brought me joy, and I felt sorry for them.

What I failed to understand is that at different phases of life, different things bring us joy.

Older people are capable of as much happiness as younger ones are. It’s just different things that bring them happiness.

Who would think, that something that wakes you up every two hours and demands, demands, demands! to be tended to could bring as much joy as a newborn baby can? I had three children and was happy to get up with each of them when they slept two hours at a time. Sleep deprivation didn’t matter; I enjoyed tending to them.

Now, when one of them spends time with me, it is the happiest time of my current life. They are grown and gone to make their own ways in this world, but seeing them ignites the joyfulness that has always been associated with their presence.

I find I can read more quickly now and am able to know what I want to continue reading and what I want to put down sooner. There are very few times of wondering why I wasted time reading that garbage, because I can recognize it for what it is more quickly.

Young people are fascinating. Watching their choices and seeing how it plays out in their lives is entertaining. Things that appear to me to be train wrecks about to happen have worked out; times I thought everything was going along well sometimes surprised me by seeing how that turned out.

Technology is fascinating. Older people need to embrace it. It’s simple to have a younger person instruct you on how to do things on computers or smart phones or whatever you’re trying to master. Make them let YOU be the one to push the buttons. Say, “talk me through it” and from time to time repeat, “I have to do this for myself or I’ll always need your help”.

I still haven’t gone to a BINGO game in my town. They do have them for seniors once in awhile. I enjoyed that game when I was younger. I might enjoy it now.

I bought a bicycle four years ago for myself and before I even tried to ride it, so many people warned me about the dangers of falling off of it that I didn’t try. Older people are only as hampered by what they do as they allow their fears to dictate.

Do not fear growing old. As you age, different pleasures and delights replace former ones, but happiness can always be found at any age.



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