Morning Naps

I have begun to take morning naps. I used to fight sleep during the day, but now realize I feel so much better if I give in to the tiredness/sleepiness. These morning naps I’ve begun taking are probably due to staying up until 1:00 am and having a dog who wakes me at 6:00 am daily. She goes to bed earlier than I do. I looked up her age on a chart yesterday and she’s the equivalent of 78 years old. She’s older than I am now!

She got a new orthopedic bed for Christmas. Her old one was worn out. She’s enjoyed the new one and is asleep on it right now. She’ll be up again at noon and we’ll go for a walk, have lunch and decide if an afternoon nap is in order or not.

I have a health condition that is more painful some days than others. Today feels like a bad pain day. Not the worst, but there, nonetheless. I took a pain pill last night and today am trying not to, but if this pain continues, I will give in and take one. Problem is, they make me sleepy.

Well, there’s worse things in life than sleeping when you’re my age.


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