If you’re proud of every wrinkle, do you shun creams that promise to banish them?

If you’re told the gray in your hair is beautiful and you shouldn’t color it, does coloring it anyway mean you are ashamed of the gray, or want to look younger?

Why do people want to look younger? What is so appealing about youth that makes people want to cling to it as they age?

I’ve become acutely aware of the changes in this body as it ages. Do I want to ignore the person I’m becoming and cling to the person that I was?

I do what I can to present this current body, face and hair in the best light, but I do not long for days of old when time was spent trying to decide on eye shadow or nail color.

This is me now. Take it or leave it, but I won’t try to conform to your idea of beauty. I would never want to be twenty again. I knew so little but thought that I knew so much.



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