More Problems With Social Security

What a mess Social Security is! I wonder how much better my life would have been if I’d been allowed to keep that money every month? If they take the money, they should put it in an account just for you. Every person in America should have his/her own account. Then when you reach 66 or whatever the age is, you get your own money back. If you die before 66, your kids or whomever outlives you gets the money in the account. Right now, if you die before you get any social security, that money you paid in is just gone. Not right. I’d have enough in my account to buy a house by now, if they’d put it in my own account. That would be more security than a few hundred dollars a month will be.

I have gotten at least four letters from Social Security since the beginning of December. They keep changing how much I’ll get and when, etc. They also don’t seem to communicate with the other offices in their system. I disenrolled from Medicare and today’s letter talked about how much they’ll take out for Medicare. Uh . . . I have employer insurance. I don’t want the Medicare. They should enclose an envelope for a reply with all their correspondence. I spend a fortune on stamps communicating with them.

I sincerely wish they had put my own money that I paid in for 40 years into an account with just my name on it. It would have been simplier and also would have gotten me back the money I contributed. I doubt I live long enough to get it all back.


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