It’s Acceptable Now

I just tried to contact HP (Hewlett Packard) and twice my email bounced back and said they were sorry my email to customer service could not be sent. Twice. I contacted them, or tried to, because HP sent color ink when I ordered black ink in December. When I contacted them when the order arrived, they said to keep the color ink as a Christmas gift and they would send the black ink. I STILL don’t have the black ink and now it seems I cannot contact them through the email link on their website. I ordered the ink in mid December 2015. It is January 14, 2016 today. I paid for the ink. They took my money and then sent the wrong thing, but it’s my problem, it seems. Now their website bounces back my email to customer service – twice. Am I to be tolerant and say it’s ok? I’ll try again tomorrow and hope their system is working?

Shoddy service was not tolerated in the past. But it’s acceptable now. I have spent thirty minutes on this computer trying to correct a company’s mistake and cannot reach that company through their website email. They obviously have no intention of correcting their mistake themselves without more complaining from me.

This is the “norm” in America now. I’ve been in businesses and could not use a debit card because their card reader was “down”.

I’ve been in banks and could not conduct business because their computers were down.

Yet we are told how much better our lives are today because of technology.

That’s a lie.

Our lives are worse and even worse than that, we have begun to accept shoddy work and to accept it as the norm.

Think about the interactions you have in stores. I’ve been in stores where the cashiers were yelling at each other about what plans they had for that night as they rang up my purchases. If I’d had a robot, I could have sent him to make the purchases and no one would have noticed. The cashier never smiled at me. The cashier only spoke to me to tell me how much I owed. I went elsewhere the next time I shopped.

My generation was proud of the work we did. No matter if we were cashiering in a store, refinishing furniture, or taking care of patients in a hospital . . . we took pride in our work.

What I see today is a bunch of adults who, for the most part, want to do as little work as possible and still get a paycheck. There is no pride. There is no shame. It’s too easy to blame technology for all the faults of the people who are working and not getting the work done.

Shame on employees who refuse to do their jobs. I hope you all lose the jobs you have. You don’t deserve a job, if you don’t do it right.



2 thoughts on “It’s Acceptable Now

  1. Business practices and ethics have transformed with technology, I have to agree. They must be behind with new year orders or perhaps your order was mistaken.

    • They’ve already emailed and said they are sending the black ink no charge. I hope it shows up soon. Still, the customer should not have to work longer or harder than those getting paid to do the job.

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