Becoming a Hermit

I feel like I can still contribute a lot to society. However, because of my age, and possibly my gray hair and wrinkles, I find younger people treating me as if I have dementia, or acting like any problem at mis-communication is my problem alone.

I do not think when I explain something to a clerk in a drugstore, as I did today, that they should immediately assume I’m wrong and they’re right. I’ve had problems with this drugstore for months. I don’t know why I didn’t switch all my prescriptions sooner. Actually, yes I do. Because the younger folks behind the counter treat me like any problems I have are caused by me, I thought maybe they knew what they were talking about. Well, today I had my youngest son with me and he witnessed how they treat me. Although I showed several prescriptions ready for pickup on my CVS account when I checked it just before leaving home, when I got there, they only had one available. And it was the wrong amount and wrong cost. They suggested I go back home and print out what I saw on my account with them before I left home. Then I was to bring the printed out paper back to them. What? Don’t THEY have computers? Can’t THEY look this stuff up? Then when I did purchase a couple things at their store, they claimed I had zero balance on my Flex Card. That’s not right. It just got replenished January 1. I have money on that card and did check that when I got back home. To top the whole experience off, there were four children waiting at their Minute Clinic to be seen. A couple of these children were lying listless in their parents laps. The others were running around the store touching both their noses and various merchandise.

So I’ve done what I should have done months ago. I fired this drugstore. They will probably be happy to never see me again, unless they got their jollies, which I often suspected they did, by tormenting me every time I went in.

I’m a member of MENSA. There is nothing wrong with my mental faculties. The fact that they instantly decide, if there is a discrepancy, and there always is, in what I’m trying to pick up and what they have ready, it’s automatically my fault. Nevermind that everyone else I mention the initals CVS to says they hate them too.

I don’t know where CVS gets the clerks they hire to work in the pharmacy area, but I do know if they won’t fire them, I will. I don’t need all that negativity and emotional abuse in my life. I’ve complained to the corporate office several times. Nothing ever gets done and it seems to just make the clerks feel more empowered to mistreat me the next time I go in. Well, I’ll go in no more. I’d tell them all what they could do, but I suspect they do it already.

It seems that maybe it’s time to become a hermit. Young people today don’t have time to listen to anyone older than they are. They think the sum of their lives exists in various gadgets they stare at all day long. Maybe it does.

I’ve lived too long and know too much to continue trying to communicate with those who cannot or will not comprehend or even listen. There are ways to curtail interactions with others. I’ll be perusing those options for awhile.


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