Sometimes It Is Your Fault

I’ve watched so many TV shows where someone causes a catastrophe and someone else assures them it’s not their fault, that I wonder if anyone accepts blame anymore?

Growing up, I was taught to consider the consequences of my actions. I was assured that some things were my fault. Next time think it through.

Now I also see people admonishing us “not to over-think this”. How do you over-think something? I think about things until I’ve solved the problem or decided I cannot solve it. I do not think “well, I’ve thought about that long enough” and move on.

This morning especially I wonder if anyone accepts fault? I read about two people in NC dying because of road conditions. All we’ve heard for days is that there’s a big storm coming and prepare so that you don’t have to be on the roads. Then two people in NC have already died due to road conditions. Why were they out there? Here . . . I will copy/paste the info and add link:

“Two People Died in North Carolina Because of the Weather

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory said today that there have already been two fatalities as a result of the dangerous weather conditions.

One person died in Forsyth County after the car they were driving slid across a highway median because of slick roads. The second death occurred in Stokes County where similar icy and snowy road conditions caused a car to go down an embankment.”

I also read where a man is stuck in snow and waiting to be rescued. Why was he out there? He seemed to want sympathy, but he’ll get none from me.

Forrest Gump (and my grandmother) said, “Stupid is as stupid does”. You don’t hear the word “stupid” much anymore either. It’s as if by banning blame, thinking, and certain words, we can make everyone super smart with no need to think much about anything.

Then when things go very wrong, we add insult to injury by patting them on the back and saying, “It’s not your fault”.

I recommend folks go back to the cause and effect lessons from their school days and re-learn them.




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