Ice Killing Motorists

We are having a severe winter storm. It started yesterday. Most of what fell yesterday was sleet and freezing rain. It’s so slippery that I cannot take my dog out. I’m glad my son is here with me and he’s more steady on his feet and can do it.

If my yard is that slippery, I assume the road that looks the same as my yard is slippery too. I would not try to drive. I cannot drive on ice. No one can.

Today I read in the News and Observer news online that “Storm causes one fatality, many other wrecks“. This is not true. The storm caused tree branches to fall in the yard as the ice covered the tree limbs and weighed them so much that they broke and fell. It was the people who decided to get in their cars and try to drive on ice that caused one fatality and many other wrecks.

We were warned about this storm for several days before it showed up. People were told to stay home. If they didn’t listen to what they should do and instead got on the roads and then, surprise! surprise! – they could not control their vehicles, it’s the people’s fault. The ice set up the circumstances; the people tried to drive in it.

No ice has come in my house yet and stabbed me and said, “there, you’re dead, I killed you.” The ice didn’t come up under the vehicles wheels and somehow make the drivers get in the cars.

There is no blame in America any more. Is this why so many people are dying, who would not be dead, IF they had just stopped to think what might happen if they did something?

The storm did not kill; the people who chose to ignore the elements caused the wrecks and the death.

One person posted on facebook that she was lending her car to someone who needed to go somewhere and he’d better not damage it. I’m sure he won’t. However, the ice and slipperty roads might. I asked her how the roads were in her area and she said she had no idea. Yet, she is willing to hand her car keys to someone to go drive.

There have been “over 1,500 collisions in the state in the last 24 hours”
(Read more at  If it’s not safe to drive, why can’t people accept that and stay home? Is whatever they’re trying to get to more important than their life? Did they ask themselves that question before they got in the car? They should have.


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