Too Much Sadness

I recently find myself not clicking on sad stories in online news. If I want to think about a sad story, all I have to do is allow myself a memory.

“Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall” is a song sung by Ella Fitzgerald.

I expected some sadness in life. I didn’t expect most of life to be sad.

I am an empath. I knew I had a lot of empathy for others, but it’s been recently that I’ve become acquainted with the term empath. Here’s an article about it:

I think I cannot take any more. My sad bucket is filled up. Yet I know more sadness will come. It always finds me.

After 100 years (it feels like that long) of being bombarded by it, I cannot open the door and welcome it in. No more sad articles. The headlines themselves tug at my heart. I cannot bear the details.


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