My Last Superbowl

I watched my last superbowl yesterday. When I heard it was Superbowl 50, I did the math and realized when I was born, there was no Superbowl. It was “invented” in my lifetime.

I’ve been to many Superbowl game parties and remember them as being wonderful times of camaraderie with friends and family. The commercials were great and the games themselves were often exceptionally good.

Yesterday’s game between the Broncos and the Panthers was a big disappointment. From the time the referee miscalled the completed catch by Panthers receiver in the first quarter, flags were sure to be thrown any time the Panthers appeared to be gaining ground. The referees decided the winner, not the players. I don’t know how the Broncos could celebrate when they had to cheat (with the ref’s help) to win.

The half-time show was lukewarm. It was the worst one I’ve ever seen.

When Lady Gaga sang the National Anthem, I thought the game was off to a good start. It turned out her singing was the best part of the game.

If Refs can throw a game on National TV, and even when an instant replay from various angles shows they miscalled such an important play and they refuse to reverse their ruling, then the refs can continue to determine the winners. There is no reproach or pride in any of them. They gave the Broncos the win. It was not a fair win. I don’t want to see such a despicable, obvious game throw, ever again. That was my last Superbowl.


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