The Doctor Will See You Now

it’s all about money . . . doctoring now is assembly line visits (I’m surprised they don’t put us on conveyor belts as we pay our co-pay so the almighty doctor can see us and have us all ride the conveyor belt to the exam room so the doctor doesn’t have to waste time walking from room to room) . . . I recently paid a surgeon $250 for a 12 minute “consult” that only resulted in her referring me to another $250 “specialist” for his consult and my primary care doctor has referred me to two “specialists” for two $250 consults and it’s just cheaper and more humane to die. That’s $1000 for four specialists. Yes, I have insurance, but the co-pay is $70 and that’s still $280 for “visits” that will result in more expensive bullshit and I’m DONE. They can take advantage of some one else. This little old lady will put a mousetrap on her wallet and HOPE one of them sticks his finger in it to grab more money.


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