Age 60 – When Your Body Discovers It Has A Mind of Its Own

It was not just me, but also my friends who discovered age 60 is a turning point for human bodies. Well aware of the autonomic nervous system, I expected my body to continue caring for itself without my need to intervene. I was wrong. 

Mornings became times for new discoveries as things changed frequently. My right foot decided it didn’t want to come up high enough to have a sock put on it. The itch on my back wasn’t as easily reached by my hand. One morning bending over to put the leash on my dog sent my back into multiple back spasms. What the hell? I remember thinking.

All during this time I was trying to continue to work and finally things got bad enough that I had to stop. Food that I could eat before now sent my body on its own journey and I was amazed at how quickly things changed.

The only thing I can think is that at age 60 your body discovers it has a mind of its own and decides to assert dominance over you.

Beware. Be smart. Enjoy things while you’re young.


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