For All You Young Folks

Do not think that we seniors don’t notice the smirks and amused glances you give each other when you have occasion to interact with us. You think you’re grown now and you know everything. You think because we are not young anymore that we are worthless, confused individuals. Think again.

We see the train wrecks coming in your life. However, if you insist on thinking we are amusing creatures that have no more value, we will sit and watch the train wrecks happen to you without giving you a warning. We’ve lived a long time. We’ve seen a lot. We can see disaster coming before you can even imagine it.

Go ahead. Laugh at us. Make fun of us. Make jokes about us. We’ll pop some popcorn and sit and watch your train wrecks and marvel at how truly ignorant the younger generation is. We won’t say a word to you about it. We may call each other and share the recent avoidable disaster we saw you endure. You’ll never know how different things could have been, IF you’d had respect for your elders.


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