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A hermit (adjectival form: eremitic or hermitic) is a person who lives in seclusion from society.

I think the above is the way to go. I don’t know what’s happened to the world, but it’s changed so drastically that I don’t recognize its inhabitants.
I turn on a TV show and cannot get through it without having porn shoved in my face. It appears that people spend some of their working hours fornicating in supply rooms, bathrooms, cars, and other places.
I talk to friends and often have to explain myself. They have no idea what I’m talking about. It is their ignorance, not mine. Many people are wilfully ignorant.
I wanted to go back to work, but the new boss, who came aboard last spring and drove my health into the ground with the overloaded workload, wants to keep her status quo. The school was second from the top of “reform schools” when I had to go out on disability leave. Now it is second from the bottom. The grade levels I worked with the year before did not do so well this year.
Here I sit feeling fairly useless and it gets worse when I try to interact with others.
I called the pharmacy yesterday about a mistake with my prescription. The gum chewing teenager who answered the phone appeared to be listening as I spoke, but when I stopped, she said, “Say that again . . . ” I snapped at her to hand the phone to someone who did not have to have everything repeated. No one listens today. They are so caught up in their own lives and devices and feelings of importance. The pharmacist listened.
I have sent over fifteen emails to my insurance company. You should see the creative reasons they did not pay my claim in full. I finally reported them to the Dept of Insurance and wait to see what yarns they spin for them.
Everywhere I go, incompetence and disinterest is rampant. I tried to buy a $100 computer chair at Staples last week. Even though my son was with me and went and asked for help, none ever appeared. I came home without the chair.
I’ve never seen the level of poor work in America before as we have now. When I check out, instead of talking to me, the cashier will yak at the bag boy about their weekend plans.
If only I had a robot I could send to do my errands, I think I would be far happier.
People are so selfish today. They’re so self-absorbed and so full of disinterest.
I believe being a hermit would be better than trying to interact with them.
This decision may affect my writing. I don’t know. It certainly will affect how I interact with other humans.

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