If They Really Knew

I read a lot of online articles. I’ve learned how to get rich, how to lose weight, how to manage a gall bladder that has stones, how to cut my hair and any number of other things. The biggest thing I’ve learned is if everyone knew everything they pretend online to be expert with, well, we’d all be rich, famous, skinny and healthy, wouldn’t we?

Today I had another test at the hospital. It turned out that the first woman doing the test was a student. After she poked me one time too many and too hard, I made her go get the woman who was supposed to be doing my test. As much as tests cost, you should have the real deal doing them, shouldn’t you? I didn’t know the first woman was a student until a question I asked her caused her to tell me. I think the question followed my hollering OW! and WHAT are you DOING?? Then I asked if the woman who would be in after her to do more testing was a STUDENT? She said no, SHE WAS.

It’s gotten so you can’t trust anyone. Is anyone really who they say they are, or who they pretend to be? No one told me I’d be worked on by a student who had trouble finding some of my insides. The more I think about it, the more angry I get. I just looked up the salary of the technician who sent a student to do her job. The technician makes $70,000. Can you imagine making that much money and sending someone in who doesn’t know what they’re doing to do your job? I may need to tell the doctor, although I doubt he will care.

If everyone really knew what they were doing, this world would go around much more smoothly, wouldn’t it? If people were more honest with themselves and with others . . .well, it’s never going to happen, but I sure wish it would.



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