The Wonders of Aging

Lately I’ve had time to reflect on past events in my life. There have been many questions in my mind over the years as to why I did or did not do certain things. With age comes answers.

I don’t know if other “seniors” have the same “aha” moments that I frequently have now. I do know that many of them have clearer memories of distant past events than of current events.

The value for me of these distinct memories is that I now see why I reacted to various experiences in the way that I did. I understand myself more now than I ever have.

I am finally comfortable in my own skin. The older I get, the more sense my life makes.

I grew up in a home that held me back more than helped me.

I went to church as a child, alone, voluntarily, because it was a peaceful, friendly place for me to go.

I married quite young as much to get out of the house I lived in as for any other reason. The marriage didn’t last, but the lessons I learned from it did.

I went to college despite my mother’s protests that I should not go and would never finish. I did finish.

I went to grad school despite my children’s protests (2 out of the 3 children I have) that it was foolhardy to go to grad school at “my age” (55). I have never regretted that decision and have been happy with the degree I got. It automatically increased my pay by 12% once I went back to work full-time.

All the years in-between, I often had to do things my way and sometimes defended my decisions and sometimes just ignored those who criticized.

Life finally makes sense.



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