Emotional Creatures

Dogs are bundles of emotion who are keen to human emotion and seek to communicate that way.

I’ve had dogs throughout my life, starting with my little brown dog, named Honey, who was brought to me by Santa Claus the year I was ten years old. She was my constant companion and we spent many happy years together. I lived in a small town and everyone said if you wanted to know where I was, to look for that dog, because she followed me and went with me everywhere.

Now I have a little black dog named Blackie. She is almost sixteen years old. We recently went through a Pitbull attack together. She still has nightmares from time to time and I have to wake her up when she wakes me whining during one. She used to sleep on the bed with me, but the last time she was up there, when she jumped off, she didn’t land softly, and so now she sleeps at the foot of my bed in the floor on an orthopedic dog bed.

I read on the news this morning that a 22 year old woman had been shot last night. She was a singer and her name was Christina Grimmie. I wasn’t familiar with her, so I decided to listen to one of her songs on youtube. She had a beautiful voice. I got very emotional at such a loss of so much talent. Suddenly I felt my little dog bump up against my leg as I sat here in awe of Christina’s beautiful voice and was feeling the brunt of the loss of her so young. I looked down and Blackie sat there looking up at me wagging her tail . . . trying to cheer me up. Like so many dogs before her, she felt my emotions and she wanted to comfort me.

I think all animals are here for different reasons. I think we are barbaric in our treatment of many of them and it bothers me to know how some of them are treated. Some time in the future perhaps humans will appreciate animal lives more than many do now.

I thank God for all the dogs I’ve had in my life, and if I see them again after I die, I will know I made it to heaven.




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