Bank Statement

Young people today will never know what good service is. It is constantly the business trying to pass on more costs to the customer these days.

I just printed out my bank statement and it wasn’t lost on me that I used my printer ink and my paper that I had bought to do so. I remember when your statement came in the mail, and it included your checks. Now you not only don’t get your checks back, but you get no statement in the mail.

I remember when I’d call a business and they’d ask for my name. Now they want my account number. Young people today will never know the joy of being known by your name, not a string of numbers.

And everyone moves so quickly. They make frequent mistakes, but they think going as fast as they can is the way to conduct business. I had a lady at UPS who was faxing a form for me come back to the counter and insist I had written the fax number wrong because it had not gone through THREE TIMES. I took the letter that had given me the number and showed it to her. It was exactly what I had written on the form. She raced back to the fax machine and keyed in the number so fast I’m surprised she even knew which keys she’d tapped. She probably didn’t. It went through that time, but I imagine all the other times she’d hit the wrong key at some point.

Speed isn’t everything. No one says “Take your time; do a good job” anymore. Now, even in elementary school, kids are urged to “hurry up . . . you’ve only got two minutes left!” and this has been heard said in Kindergarten. They don’t even know how long two minutes are, but they hear over and over all day long to “hurry up”.

Not my style and doesn’t appear healthy either. I see adults – grown people – racing in to pay for their gas at a service station and then they’ll stop at a grocery store and grab a cart and race up and down those aisles.

No wonder upcoming generations are dying at a younger age. They don’t know how to relax and quit running. The social security problem is going to solve itself as people continue to die before they’re old enough to get any of it.

And I’m still mad about having to print my own bank statement.


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