I Am The Consumer

My doctor’s office has finally made me angry enough that I am going to find a new/different doctor.

This morning I called her office because I have an appointment next week for my three month check-up. I asked that the blood draw be done this week so that we have the results when I go in next week. The last time I made this request, three months ago, the doctor said fine and set up the blood draw for the week before the office visit.

Today when I reached the nurse to make the same request, and the nurse had actually told me a few weeks ago when I was in for another reason and  when I asked then to go ahead and set up the blood draw . . . the nurse told me it was too soon to set it up and to just call ahead in June.

Today the nurse said no. That cannot be done. The doctor wants the blood draw done the day of the appointment. Why is that? The results will not be back in time to discuss it.

I was recently in the hospital and they discontinued my medications and I did so well without them, and felt so much better, that I have not taken them since. I did take one of them once, but felt so bad afterwards, and when I commented to my son, he said I’d always complained about feeling that way when I was taking the medicine.

I don’t appear to need them, so why take them? I check my blood pressure and my blood sugar frequently and both are lower than they were ON the medicines. However, I know how my doctor will respond when she finds out I’ve stopped both meds. She may have already found out as I had some blood work done by another doctor two weeks ago and those results are posted on my chart. I also told that doctor then that I had discontinued the medicines that I’ve quit taking.

I see no reason to go in and be browbeat by a doctor who will be furious that I quit taking my medicine without her  approval when she has no test results to back up her outrage.

I’m going elsewhere for my A1C test and I hope I can find another doctor soon. I am the consumer. I pay HER salary and she needs to realize I should be listened to. Her nurse talked over me the whole time we were on the phone this morning and I’m tired of the disrespect.


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