1. Can you worship God without going to church? Can’t you sit on a beach and see the wonders of God’s work and praise him for his glory without dragging everyone else into that praise? Can there be silent praise?

2. Do old people really rejoice when they wake up in the morning? Don’t most people want to die by just going to sleep and not waking up? What is so great in other people’s lives that they are so joyful about waking up in the morning?

3. It is said that God doesn’t make mistakes. We do. Will God fix one of our mistakes if we don’t ask for it to be fixed? Suppose we don’t realize it was a mistake?

4. Why can’t I move #1 above over to the same left side justification that the other numbers are using?

5. Do other people have the thought that “If I hadn’t lived through this day, it would not have mattered”?

6. Do other people feel the deep, deep depression that sometimes grips me? I will not take pills for it. I took an anti-depressant at one time and it was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Do doctors take the pills they prescribe, or do they know better?

7. How many doctors get rich off pharmaceutical stocks?

8. The relief that is felt when a problem is solved is short-lived as another problem replaces it.

9. Do rich people handle their money better, or do they just have more money to handle?

10. If my car needs repair and I don’t notice, does it really need repair?

I’ve been awake for almost three hours. It is not 6:00 am yet. For the last three nights I have woke up around 3:00 am and I don’t like it. If I go back to sleep, will I rejoice when I wake up? No, because it means I have to get up today all over again.



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