Viral Picture Reminded Me of This

I saw a picture that had gone viral on the internet. It was a picture of a father who worked the third shift and then came to the hospital and slept under his baby’s hospital crib.

That picture reminded me of what I saw when I was in the hospital in March. I was there for a week. I was very sick. My oldest, Jordan, lived and worked (third shift) in a town 31 miles from where I was hospitalized. Every morning after working all night, Jordan would come to the hospital and check on me. Then Jordan would lie down on the couch in my room and sleep. I took a picture one day, and the picture of the father with his baby reminded me of this one that I took. Except this one is a picture of one of my “babies”, for my children will always be my babies, and this is my oldest one, who slept in my hospital room many days after working all night. Then Jordan would drive 31 miles back home and get ready to work another night.


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