Don’t Help

When you feel that tug to help someone younger than you are, don’t bother. They will not listen to you. They are probably just bored that day and want someone to argue with.

Once you get age (and wrinkles) on you, younger people think you are the subject of jokes. The only groups left that are able to be joked about (made fun of) are white men and old people. People are not really interested in any old person’s advice or help. They are seeking fodder for more ridicule.

So put this phrase in your head and pull it out whenever some younger person asks how you do something or tells you about a problem they have and wants to know what you’d do: “I don’t know.” 

That satisfies their quest and they can run back down the road to tell their friends that the old person down the street doesn’t know anything.

It will also save you time, trouble, and heart-ache.

Old people are stupid people who somehow missed out on getting killed or dying before they got old. They know nothing and they have no value. That’s the general consensus of these young folks that run around not controlling a damned thing in their lives and being shocked when something bad happens to them.

Ok. They can go on to work and pay into the social security system so I can get my money back. That’s the only thing I know. I have no idea what I did or know to have survived this long. Get on with themselves and quit trying to worry me. I don’t know anything.


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