I am done with doctors. I don’t think any of them truly know what they’re doing, unless they’re checking their bank accounts.

I was in the hospital in March. Supposedly it was to have my gall bladder removed. Well, even though they said it could be done at the hospital where the ER was that I was seen in, I was transferred 15 miles away to a different hospital.

They said I’d need another ultra-sound, but then they said, once I got to the new hospital that I wouldn’t.

They said I had to have a procedure called an ERCP to remove a gall stone from a bile duct before they could take out the gall bladder. They would do the ERCP one day and the gall bladder surgery the next.

The next day after the ERCP, they came in and said I now had Acute Pancreatitis. I later read that it is sometimes caused by the ERCP procedure. They said they would still remove my gall bladder, but only after they got the Pancreatitis under control. I was given nothing to eat or drink for several days. I lost ten pounds. Twice they sent this undertaker looking guy in to have me sign a “Do Not Resuscitate Order”, which gave the hospital the right to not resusitate me, if they thought that was best. I refused to sign. I have three children. Ask one of them if the time comes. I trust them. So far, I see no reason to trust this hospital or doctors. It got worse.

The surgeon came in on Friday and said she was not going to remove my gall bladder this hospital stay. She said my platelets were too low and I might bleed to death. Also, the hernia she promised she would and could repair during the gall bladder surgery? According to the CAT Scan that they took me for at 9:30 pm, after the doctor telling me I had Pancreatitis earlier that day that I needed rest to recover . . . two nurses showed up with a wheelchair at 9:30 pm and were going to take me for a CAT Scan at that time of night \ because it was not busy right then. So off, we went, as bad as I felt. But . . . that CAT Scan showed the hernia I complain about to be HUGE, so . . . it would take a second hosptial visit for the hernia repair, but the surgeon said to call her office to set up a surgery consult about my surgeries so I could come in (and pay for an office visit, I guess) and set them up.

The hospital doctor showed up on Saturday and said I should be well enough for the surgery on Monday and that’s when he was scheduling it. When I told him the surgeon said no surgery this hospital visit, he said that was several days ago. ???? On Sunday I continued to refuse to have the surgery on Monday. I mentiond the low platelet count. He said the “blood doctor” said my platelet count was high enough for surgery. It only had to be 50, and mine was 75. I said I still wasn’t going to have it. He got angry and went to call the surgeon. Later when he came back, he said he couldn’t reach her. I ended up being discharged that day.

When I went to the surgeon’s office, she spent about 8 minutes with me telling me 4 horrible things I had that was preventing her from operating. I had to go see another specialist to get this stuff checked.

So I went to see that specialist and he put a misdiagnosis in my chart and sent me for a CAT Scan. The pictures from the Scan were “foggy” and they blamed me (gas) for the fogginess, but what they could see looked fine. (They had a student doing the test. I insisted she get the real person to do it and she came in, but I don’t think she really took any pictures. She clicked the clicker several times and said someone would have to review the pictures.)

Meanwhile my primary care doctor was still calling wanting me to see another specialist about the low platelet count. I finally got in to see that specialist and she said there was nothing she could do to help with that. My spleen is enlarged (which they found out during that hospital CAT Scan) and there was no reason she could find to approve me for surgery, with additional platelets given at the start of the surgery, because the spleen would trap them and it would do no good.

She did look in my ear. I’d had severe neck pain since June. My primary care doctor said in June to use a heating pad on it. She never got up from her laptop to examine me, but was sure a heating pad would help the neck pain. The blood specialist, who could do nothing about the platelets, prescribed an antibiotic for my ear after looking in it. The blood specialist said my ear was causing my neck pain, and if I still had neck pain when I went back to my primary care doctor in September to tell her to order a neck x-ray. I cannot afford the $356 antibiotic ear drops. I am using Peroxide, which has helped some, but not completely. The Peroxide cost 50 cents. The blood specialist’s office has not returned my phone calls or the druggist’s phone call about the need to find a cheaper antibiotic for my ear. It’s been over a week.

My friend’s father was recently sent for a stress test. He is 76 years old. I bet I could tell you the results of that test without even viewing it. I’m sure it cost a nice price.

OLD PEOPLE BEWARE!!! Doctors want to do any and every thing to you to put money in their bank accounts. 

Oh, and the bile duct ERCP doctor wanted to do a colonoscopy on me. I would have to make myself sick for two days before the procedure and possibly feel terrible the day of the procedure. I canceled that appointment. He’s the one that put a diagnosis in my chart that isn’t accurate and that I now can’t get removed. I can’t get up with him. I can’t get up with the specialist who prescribed the ear drops. I’m sure if they had another test they wanted to run (and be paid for) that they would get up with me.

Last year when I was between health insurance policies, I was unable to afford my diabetes meds. The doctor, who harped and fussed with me about not taking all my medicine when I had the insurance, said there was nothing she could do about it. So it was ok to miss meds when I had no money, but if I had money, I needed to see her and was a bad person if I didn’t take all the meds she prescribed. (I actually looked up the diabetes med and another med she had me on and a side effect of taking those meds together causes blood sugar to go up.)

I’ve HAD IT UP TO HERE!!! with doctors. I told my son the only doctor I want to see, unless one of the ones I’ve seen can help me with the ear infection meds, is the one who pronouces me dead, and then get a second opinion.




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