Technology and Little Else

I think the new generation of young adults – some are even in their early thirties – are different from any other generation. They are the one group who grew up thinking they knew more than their parents and elders and they validated that for themselves every time they had to show an older person how to use technology.

My youngest son laughed at me – he laughed so hard that he almost fell out of his chair – last night because I didn’t know to check something on the camera he had lent me before I used it to make a video. It wasn’t my camera. There was no instruction book. No one had spent time showing me how to use it, but it was funny when I thought I was making a video, but nothing recorded. He asked if I’d checked the batteries. Yes, I had and I’d changed them. He asked if I’d checked the card. No. No, I assumed when he handed the camera to me to use and said it might need new batteries that batteries were all I needed to worry about.

My own camera beeps at me if the card is full and I try to use it. It’s the one I’m using now to make my teaching videos, even though it has what my youngest son calls “those horrible black sections on either side of the video that lets people know I’m using an old camera.” Well. I don’t care. It works. It interacts with me. I know how to use it and I cannot learn how to use an unfamiliar camera while also trying to learn how to make videos. I made my second one today. I actually made my fifth second one this morning as I have made the same video five times and if he can’t edit it and help me put it on my youtube channel,  I’m giving up.

It’s a shame that this generation has grown up thinking they are so very, very much smarter than their parents because they know how to use technology better. Well, I taught him how to eat with a spoon. I taught him many, many things he knows today and I didn’t laugh at him when his first attempts were incorrect or when he didn’t understand the first time.

This new generation of young adults have a lot of “aha” moments ahead as they learn all the things they missed learning because their noses were stuck too deep into technology. Yes, they are very knowledgeable about technology. There is more to life than that.



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