Don’t Call Me; I Won’t Call You

I don’t know what is wrong with my ears. Every time a doctor looks in them, they stare so long that I know there’s something wrong with them. One doctor told me I had Eustachian tube dysfunction.

I’d had a neck ache for a few months. My primary care doctor sat at her laptop, refusing to get up and check my neck, and said to just use a heating pad on it. That did help, but when the heating pad wasn’t on it, it still hurt badly.

That same primary care doctor sent me to a specialist for something I don’t have, but while there the specialist asked me what was bothering me the most? I told her my neck pain and now my ear was also hurting. So she did the “look in the ear thing” and did it too long, as all doctors do. She said I had something white and furry on my ear drum. I told her to get it out! She smiled and said she was prescribing ear drops (I couldn’t afford them – almost $400). When I called to remind her I am poor, she prescribed another ear drop for $189. Still too high! So she prescribed an oral antibiotic.

My ear is much, much better, but it still bothers me, as does my neck.

Today the landline kept ringing , ringing, ringing until I decided to see who it was that was so anxious to talk to me. I’d already been on the phone a few minutes with another person and my ear was hurting. This new preson sounded like she was chomping ice as she said something to me that I couldn’t understand. I asked her if she was with the hotel??? No, she repeated for the fourth time . . . she was with the hospital and wanted me to give her my address. The hospital has my address. I hung up on her. It might be a legitimate call, but when folks call and immediately start asking me identifying questions, I hang up on them. If they don’t know, I won’t tell them. If they need to talk to me, then talk. Don’t waste my time with foolish questions that they know the answer to.

So then I went through the voice mail and listened to all my new (3) and old (10) messages and deleted them. That ice chewing woman can call back and leave a message – or not. I don’t care. I hate the telephone and avoid it as much as possible. It makes my ear hurt and I can’t hear what they’re saying.


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