Today may be a better day. I had depression very badly yesterday.

I got up just  now (4:00 am) because I thought my old dog wanted to go out. She didn’t. She was just changing beds in the middle of the night. She has three beds now and lies in each of them at different times.

She looks so peaceful, I think I’ll go back to bed myself.

It feels like the depression I was having has lifted. I hope so!

I saw a tropical storm has formed over Florida. Over land? Forecast maps have it going every where. They don’t know where it’s headed. I read it could bring ten inches of rain to some places. I like storms, if they’re not too bad, but that’s a lot of rain.

I wish I knew where that terrible depression comes from. I think it’s a culmination of things and until it gets to a certain point, I don’t realize where my feelings are headed.

Glad I feel better. I may delete yesterday’s post. Or I may leave it to remind myself of how much better I feel now.

Right now I’m going back to bed.



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