What Would It Be Like?

I just read a headline “Tracee Ellis Ross Makes History as 1st Black Woman in Thirty Years To Receive Emmy Nod for Best Comedy Actress”. Does that mean there have been other funny black women over-looked in the last thirty years? Who was the last one? Oh, the article doesn’t mention the last one. Was that intentional because she was black?

Why do we focus on skin color or gender or anything else? Why do we act like someone has been slighted when perhaps they didn’t earn a nomination? Why does something special that happens to you mean more if you have a certain characteristic?

The headlines and news articles perpetuate our differences. I have never understood why someone should be honored for someting as mundane as skin color when they win something. It’s not more special just because they’re a certain race or a certain gender or a certain anything else.

That individual got nominated or awarded, or whatever. When will we all realize how very alike we are and quit pointing out differences?

She was  nominated. I’m happy for her. I don’t believe she was nominated because she’s black. Someone thought she was that good. I’m not familiar with the actress. I read the article and someone even mentioned in the comments that she’s “half-white”. Why? What the hell does that have to do with anything?

I’m old, I’m white, I’m female. I’d like to think if I won something that it has nothing to do with those things, but plenty to do with my being better at something than others who tried it.

Enough said!



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