Mom’s Things

Do all children think their mother’s belongings are theirs as well as hers, or is it just my children?

I’ve talked to other mothers about this, and they say their kids are the same way.

I’ve been asked, “Do you have . . . ” as eyes searched the surroundings as if, if the answer is yes, they can just take it and not bother me.

I don’t really mind. I enjoy it actually. There are other people who feel so connected to me that they think my things are their things.

I’ve never been a selfish person. I like to share. I often give things away.

But there’s no one on this earth that comes to me with the great expectations my children seem to have. They’re adults now. One of them doesn’t want my help in his effort to prove he’s a grown man, but once in awhile, if I offer him something, he’ll accept it.

The other two? “Hey, Mom, can I have, I need, do you have, where is?” often preface their sentences.

I was the same way. I’d hold up an item and ask my mom, “Do you mind if I borrow this?” I’d have it tucked away in my purse, or bag, or headed out the door with it, never once expecting to hear anything, except the words, “Go ahead and take it. It’s fine.”

I miss my mother. She’s been gone 38 years and I still miss her. When my kids walk in and expect to see me and all my familiar things, I sometimes wonder, do you have any idea how much you’re gonna miss this?



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