A New Era

Stages of Life. Can I remember them? I learned them at some point.

Here. I googled them:

infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age

You don’t usually have to work at being an infant or a child. Some childhoods are better than others, but childhood is a state we all go through, one way or the other.

Adolescence is when great changes happen and there are a lot of surprises. At least there were for me.

Then as adults, we continue to see change, but we are more or less on an even keel and we’re grown and that is that.

Old age? I would liken old age to adolescence. It carries with it the same unnerving changes and surprises that appear as one changes from a child to an adult.

Old age takes some “getting used to”. I’m not sure I’m completely comfortable thinking of this stage of my life as “old age”, but I am adjusting to being called a “senior”. I remember being a high school “senior” during adolescence and it was something we all looked forward to.

I don’t think many look forward to old age. Maybe they look forward to retirement.

It is nice not to have to get up and head to work during the week. That being said, I’ve also learned to stay home on the weekend and do my shopping during the week. I don’t think all those employed people realize how crazy they get as they dart here and there on the weekend. I remember having two days to accomplish everything I wanted to do the whole week long, but was too tired from working to do.

I don’t believe I ever ran with a shopping cart through a store on a Friday afternoon, which is somethiing I have seen lately. More than once lately. I’d hate to feel that much in a hurry.

That’s one good thing about “old age”, or being a “senior adult”. I don’t rush and no one expects me to. If I don’t want to do something, I merely say “I don’t feel like it. Sorry.” and it’s accepted. If I take a nap in the afternoon, no one asks if I’m sick or what’s wrong. With old age comes more freedom. You gain the freedom of childhood with the sophistication to know how to enjoy it.

It’s a new era. I used to dread the time that was coming when I’d be this age. Now all I can say is, it’s much better than I expected.



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