It appears that the doctor I’ve seen for over a year has a problem with her “credentials”. I’m seeking another doctor and not doing too well in my search.

I called one yesterday that had been recommended by a friend. When I asked if I could set up a new patient appointment, I was immediately asked what kind of insurance I had. When I told them Medicare, the woman on the phone said that doctor was not seeing any new patients. I asked if I’d had different insurance – I did until a couple months ago . .  .it cost me $478 a month, but I had it . . . anyway, I asked if I’d had different insurance, would she have seen me? The woman laughed, but didn’t answer.

She said another doctor in the practice was seeing new patients and would I like to make an appointment with him. I said yes. Then as she was entering my information into her computer, she mentioned that I was already in their system as I’d seen one of their doctors before. When I asked who, she named the pulmonary doctor I saw and hated in Raleigh. His office did a breathing test on me that caused a capped tooth to become so sensitive that I used numbing jell for weeks on it. I should have gone to see my dentist, but that’s a whole nother ball game. I just kept using the numbing jell until I could stand the horrible feeling around that tooth. That was over 18 months ago and I still have some problems with that tooth, although the dentist says he can’t find anything wrong with it.

Then the woman on the phone mentioned that the doctor doesn’t prescribe one of the prescriptions I take. I told her that wouldn’t be a problem; I seldom take it.

After I hung up, I wondered if I wanted to go to this practice? According to the reviews online, the office seldom answers the phone and you get voice mail. If anything is wrong, they send you to the ER or Urgent Care. I’m not sure I even want to have this new doctor.

It may be my age and the doctors I’ve had in the past, but the doctor’s I’ve had since I moved to this town are not what I expect when I sign up to be a patient.

I don’t know if it’s the Obamacare which has required everyone to have insurance, so now the ones with the best insurance get the best care, but everyone has to pay for insurance, or if it’s the arrogance of the current generation of doctors, or what.

I’ve actually done better since I quit taking a lot of the medicine my last doctor prescribed. They quit giving those prescriptions to me when I was in the hospital, and I felt so much better when I got out that I didn’t take most of them anymore.

There’s a doctor close to my location whom I’ve considered seeing. I want to give his office a call and see how they treat me. His schooling isn’t as impressive as these arrogant doctors, but perhaps his bedside manner will be better.




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