Point of View

I’ve been reading about adolescents and how their brains are functioning at their age. It makes me wonder how little study has been done on the older brains of humans?

I’m finding my viewpoints and tolerance for ignorance has changed since I got older.

Some “friends” believe that if they say the same thing over and over to me, even the same thing using different words, that they will convince me they’re right. I know I can’t change their opinions and I resent them trying to change mine.

A discussion used to be an exchange of ideas. It didn’t mean you agreed with everyone. It meant everyone had a right to their opinion and a right to voice it without others trying to browbeat them into changing it to match someone else’s opinion.

The most recent episode of this is some post on facebook showing the opening of the border between North and South America and the relatives who hadn’t seen each other in years embracing and crying and so happy to be together again.

All I said was “they chose to leave”. Suddenly I have no empathy? Suddenly I, who has helped everyone I could, even to my own detriment at times, have no empathy?

No. I still have empathy. I just don’t think everyone who can shed tears or get emotional necessarily deserves us all to bow down to their wishes. At some point we are responsible for our own situations.

If you move to another country and you miss your family, you should have realized you would. You can’t have everything in this world, regardless of what the “do gooders” promise those who would force their way wherever they want to be and force themselves into whatever situations they want. And you can’t have change without some sort of loss.

If opening a border is cause for joy, perhaps the ones who left should return to their country? That’s an idea.

Their tears and hugs and anything else they can use to demonstrate their feelings should not be a reason for me to say, “You know what. It’s against the law (illegal – hey, THAT’S what it means), but come on in. Bring everyone. What the heck?

When I was growing up, there was talk of over-population and how people should only have enough children to replace themselves. I warned people – although I was “just a child and what did I know?” that if they limited their population, there would be those who would see the space and would barge in.

It’s happened. I have no empathy. They are taking what we created. Go back home and create it for yourselves. Quit having so many chidlren. Make sacrifices, or do without.

Yes, I have empathy. But it’s not blind empathy, and it’s also belief that others can fix their own problems, if they just try.

Another post I saw was not to think about things so much . . . rely on God. Just let everything go, don’t worry, don’t think . . . just leave it all up to God.

Then why did God give me a brain? Why did God use humans in the past to solve problems?

“Don’t overthink that” is another popular phrase. How do you overthink anything? That may be what’s wrong with this country. We are trained not to think, but to accept the opinions of whomever is in power.

Not me. I still have my own opinions. You can agree or disagree. But please quit saying the same things over and over, even in different words or phrases, in hopes of changing my mind.

Maybe it’s my age. I just am not going to be swayed when I believe in something.

I believe in empathy, but not to the point of stupidity.



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